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Let's introduce the people behind Ndáko!

We are Steven and Melanie, a multicultural, married couple! 
Our home is this planet and this is what we want to show in fashion.

Melanie Krausa

Founder & Designer

This is Melanie, she is the founder and designer of Ndáko. Melanie's passion for colorful fabrics and creating her own style drove her to design clothes which she could also wear at work. As this passion grew bigger, she feels that this would be her way to express herself and contribute to a more openminded community. This means combining elements of different cultures in fashion designs.

Steven Kamashi-Krausa

Co-Owner & Counselor

This is Steven, he is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner of Ndáko. Steven joined Ndáko the moment we figured that Melanie was lost in creativity. As Steven has an organizational talent and loves administration, he started bringing back structure to our business. Next to that, he is also innovative and acts out his passion for circular economy by working on a plan for our portfolio.

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