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Sustainability in Operations

Providing Everything You Need by not hurting our Planet and People!


Labels & Buttons


These eco-friendly labels are not only a statement of fashion but also a commitment to preserving our planet. We source our premium cork leather labels from a small, dedicated company in Bulgaria, Leather Goods Company, via Etsy. This company meticulously selects cork leather from Portugaliacork, a renowned supplier located in Portugal, ensuring top-quality materials for our products. 

Cork leather is a sustainable alternative to traditional leather, offering durability, flexibility, and a unique texture that complements our Hip Hop apparel. The cork oak trees, from which the cork is harvested, are not harmed during the process, making cork leather a truly renewable resource. By choosing our products, you are supporting a greener planet and promoting sustainable fashion practices. 


Our commitment to sustainability shines through every detail, especially with these unique buttons sourced from a small, passionate company in Bulgaria, Leather Goods Company, via Etsy. This company procures cherry wood from the YAF Group, a reputable Bulgarian supplier that holds FSC and PEFC certifications, ensuring responsible forest management. 

Cherry wood buttons are not only stylish but also environmentally conscious. Their natural beauty and durability make them the perfect addition to our Hip Hop apparel, adding a touch of authenticity and sophistication. By incorporating these buttons into our designs, we aim to promote sustainable fashion practices while offering you unique, high-quality products. 

Fabric Left-overs

At Ndáko, we are dedicated to achieving a zero-waste manufacturing process, ensuring that every piece of fabric is utilized effectively and sustainably. Our approach to zero waste is divided into two key categories for leftover fabrics: 

  • Reusable Fabric Pieces: The first category includes fabric pieces that are suitable for patchwork or crafting various miscellaneous products. These pieces are creatively repurposed into items such as make-up removal pads, credit card holders, and accessories. By reusing these fabric scraps, we minimize waste and create unique, eco-friendly products that contribute to sustainable fashion. 

  • Recycling Fabric Waste: The second category covers all other fabrics and yarns that would typically be discarded. Instead of sending these materials to the landfill, we collect and send them to specialized organizations that convert them into new raw materials, such as yarn. This ensures that these materials remain in the lifecycle, reducing waste and supporting a circular economy in the fashion industry. 

By implementing these practices, Ndáko not only reduces environmental impact but also promotes a sustainable and responsible approach to fashion. Our commitment to zero waste helps conserve resources, lower carbon emissions, and foster a greener planet. 

Join us in our mission for sustainable fashion. Explore our collection and learn more about our zero-waste initiatives on our website today. Together, we can make a difference in the fashion industry and beyond. 



At our Hip Hop fashion brand, sustainability goes beyond our products—it extends to our packaging too. We are proud to use compostable shipping bags and stickers from Noissue, ensuring that everything from the mailer to the sticker ink can be composted and later used as fertilizer for your plants. 

Our compostable packaging is certified to break down in home compost within 180 days and in commercial composting conditions within 90 days. This guarantees that our packaging leaves no harmful residues, contributing to a healthier environment. 

By choosing our brand, you are supporting eco-friendly practices and reducing waste. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every detail, from our unique, stylish apparel to our environmentally responsible packaging. 

Marketing Materials

At Ndáko, we prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our business, including our marketing materials. Therefore, we prefer to focus on online marketing practices. Nevertheless, this approach is not enough for such a young company as ours. Here's how we ensure eco-friendliness in our promotional efforts outside of the digital world: 

  1. Sustainable T-Shirts and Goodie BagsOur sponsorship program features T-shirts and goodie bags purchased and printed by Shirtee, located in Germany. We exclusively use T-shirts from the Stanley/Stella line, known for their commitment to sustainable practices. Stanley/Stella focuses on using organic cotton and eco-friendly production processes, ensuring that their products are not only high quality but also environmentally responsible. Their transparency in the supply chain and dedication to fair labor practices make their products a perfect fit for Ndáko. 

  2. Eco-Friendly Printed Materials: All our printed paper materials, including flyers, business cards, and clothing tags, are printed and delivered by Canva. Canva goes beyond just providing high-quality print services—they plant a tree for every printed order. This initiative helps offset the environmental impact of paper production and promotes reforestation. 

  3. Reusable Price Tags: For our in-store sales, we use carton labels purchased from iHobby B.V. To further our commitment to sustainability, we decided to remove price tags from sold items and reuse them for other products. This practice reduces waste and ensures that our marketing materials have a longer life cycle. 

By choosing sustainable options for our marketing materials, Ndáko not only reduces its environmental footprint but also supports partners who share our commitment to a greener planet.

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