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Waterfall Jacket & Leggings


Jacket: Cotton

Leggings: Cotton wax-print and Jersey

Price (incl. shipping cost)

Complete Outfit: 335,- € 

Jacket: 246,- € 

Leggings: 130,- € 

This ensemble was made to shine together, but it can be perfectly be combined with other clothes for various outfits. The leggings is waist high and lies lightly on your skin.

Styling-Tipp: Wrap the jacket around you and fix is with a belt. This will create a lovely silhouette.


For the jacket you may choose the wax-print to be a highlight. Therefore, only on the inside of the jacket or as an eyecatcher on the outside of the jacket. 

Please note that the wax-print fabric on the picture is a sample and not available . We would love to provide you with pictures of possible fitting fabrics in case of interest.

For more information or purchase please contact us. In case you would like to make a purchase, also include your measurements in the message. 

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