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Our Assortment

In the current fashion industry it is common to have way more than 4 seasons per year. Each season means new designs and new collections. Leading to the fact that the piece you bought 2 weeks ago, might not be trendy anymore by tomorrow. This circle needs to be broken! Therefore, we came up with a timeless assortment, which is linked to the warm and cold season only. 
Meaning that these products are not limited to a certain period, which is why we call them timeless. In this section, we give room to simple designs, which we finished with wax-print fabric to give every piece a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. 
In addition, we would like to give some attention to our tailor's work and design. If you are interested in more traditional clothes from Nigeria, we are also happy to manage a customized order from Mary.

Please note that the clothes on all pictures are samples. As we work on order to made basis, it is quite common that the wax-print fabric won't be available anymore. However, we love to send you a selective of fabrics by e-mail. Therefore, you will have the possibility to decide which fabric might fit your taste the most.

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