Our Story

How it all began...

While watching the series “Orange is the new black”, Melanie got inspired to start designing her own clothes. 

From a good friend, she received some wax-print fabric as a gift. That inspired her to combine wax-print fabric with unicolored cotton material. After making a pair of leggings with a fitting jacket, Melanie started developing a passion for designing and sewing more and more. 

Hence, more pieces, positive feedback and interest from family, friends and other people from her network followed and led to the idea of starting an own business. The motivation to do so was twofold: First, to create her own style and individual clothes and, second, to fulfill the wish of raising more awareness and acceptance for more culturally diverse fashion at the workplace.

In the sense of "let your dreams be your wings", Melanie started a distance learning course for fashion design in summer 2019. Beginning 2020, she was able to graduate. This was the foundation to register and officially start her business called: Ndáko.

Fully in the motto of: The World is Home to Us All - Wear Culture!

In summer 2020, Steven joined Ndáko and we decided to build up our business together. From this point on, we were able to set our next steps quickly. After we met Mary for the first time, we noticed that we have a click and should work together. Within a month of time, we were able to manufacture our first collection. One year after registering Ndáko at the Chamber of Commerce, we had our first photoshoots and started preparing our next step: Going live... And here we are!