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Casual Friday Outfit

unbenannt-1100329 (1).jpg


Sweater: Cotton wax-print and Jersey

Pants: Cotton

Price (incl. shipping cost)

Complete Outfit: 339,- €

Sweater: 136,- €

Pants: 241,- €

A Friday in the office should be comfy but also stylish. Therefore, we came up with our Casual Friday Combo. An off-shoulder sweater with a pair of elegant baggy pants. Who would have thought that you could wear baggy pants in the office? - Well here we go! This ensemble was made to shine together, but it can be perfectly combined with other clothes for various outfits.

Please note that the wax-print fabric on the picture is a sample and not available . We would love to provide you with pictures of possible fitting fabrics in case of interest.

For more information or purchase please contact us. In case you would like to make a purchase, also include your measurements in the message. 

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